RN-PYDG-500B Paper lunch box machine

RN-PYDG-500B Paper lunch box machine is an automatic lunch box forming equipment independently developed by our company, which has the advantages of combination of pneumatic and mechanical, convenient operation, fast speed, high efficiency and environmental protection. It has the functions of automatic forming, hot pressing forming, automatic points collection, mechanical action program control, paper shortage alarm, fault monitoring and so on. This machine adopts hot air generating device, suitable for single and double PE coated paper, kraft paper, etc. it is used to produce single lattice disposable paper lunch box with cover, paper lunch box, kraft paper food packaging box.
The paper box output device is made of automatic box taking device and domestic servo, which is stable and more durable. The collecting and stacking device can automatically collect points and reduce labor input.
technical parameter: 


RN-PYDG-500B Paper lunch box machine

Paper size

260*182mm(mold can be changed), can be customized production according to demand

Production speed

40-70Only / minute (actual production is subject to product size)

Suitable for base paper

200-400G / ㎡ single and double PE coated paper

supply voltage

380V/220V 50HZ three-phase

Gas source requirements


Equipment weight