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ZBJ-RN03 Paper bowl machine

ZBJ-RN03 Paper bowl machine is an automatic paper lunch box forming equipment independently developed by our company, which has the advantages of convenient operation, fast speed, high efficiency and environmental protection. It has the functions of automatic forming, hot pressing forming, automatic points collection, mechanical action program control, paper shortage alarm, fault monitoring and so on. This machine adopts hot air generator, suitable for single and double PE coated paper, kraft paper, etc.
technical parameter:


ZBJ-0C35 Paper bowl machine

Production speed

70-90Unit / min (actual output is subject to product size)

Forming capacity


Paper material

180- 350gsmSingle or double PE film

supply voltage


Working power


Total power

14KW (Hot air 1 1KW)

Machine dimensions

2200* 1460* 1800