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RN-ZBJ-120 Automatic Open Cam High Speed Paper Cup Machine

RN-ZBJ-120 uses a cylindrical indexing cam with only one aluminum plate to complete the cup making structure, which makes the machine faster and smaller. It has photoelectric detection,fault alarm, counting and other functions. Through automatic transmission, paper feeding, sealing (adhesive cup type), oiling, punching, bottom turning, heating, knurling, crimping, cup collection and other continuous processes, it is to improve the production of beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, and advertisements. Ideal equipment for paper cups and tasting cups, with a production capacity of 70-90 pcs/min. 

Transmission structure

Vertical shaft gear transmission system,cylindrical indexing cam inner structure , to improve synchronization performance of transmission precision,improve coordination between different transmission ,avoid interference the running parts,remove the shake during chain transmission,make the machine life longer ,running more stable.



1.(multiple paper feeding) three times paper feeding systemmultiple mediation, to avoid unevenness on both sides of the paper cup.
2.Slotted wheel-make the machine inside-connection  more tightly ,and it is not easy to loosen during the operation of the machine.
3.Single plate bottom Punching and cup route offset  the problem of paper jam and flip bottom. Make the machine more perfect  and  improve production capacity .
4.Automatic  time control of oil lubrication for full machine, avoid the trouble of manual  oil lubricating ,make the machine running more stable.
5.Open cam running system replace the connecting rod system to reduce malfunction rate, Increase production speed.
6.Open cam, Slotted wheel makes the machine running  more stable and increase  machine Wear-resistant at high speed.
7.According to other models. RN-ZBJ-120 body use square steel, body weight 2500kgs,machine running more stable under high speed.
8.Taiwan brand reducer , NSK bearing .
9.Standardized production of parts,strong versatility,good interchangeability,easy to maintenance.








 220V50HZ/380V50HZ 或定制