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Material composition of paper cover machine

The material of the paper cover machine is directly printed by the base paper of the paper cup, die-cut, formed and processed, and sprayed with food wax on the surface.
The production process of hot drink cup is that the cup base paper is coated into cup paper, printed, die cut and molded.
The paper cup base paper is composed of plant fibers, and its production process is usually made of coniferous wood, hardwood and other plant fibers through the pulped pulp board, through thinning, refining, adding chemical auxiliary materials, screening, paper machine making, etc.
Ruinuo machinery is not only a professional manufacturer of paper products machinery, but also an advocate of environmental protection. While meeting the needs of customers, Ruinuo machinery is committed to transmitting the concept of environmental protection to every customer. All the machines produced by our enterprises can degrade the required materials, which will cause pollution to the environment and the earth.